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Marthe L. Richard
   NLP Excellence PNL

Personal Success - Professional Growth
Succès Personnel - Croissance Professionnelle

About Marthe Richard

My passion is communication and helping others get what they want. 

HOW you communicate with yourself and with others is crucial in obtaining what you want

I am naturally curious so I love to learn and I have always loved to help people. My background includes Science, Business and Education.

That's why, when I discovered NLP; Neuro (nervous system linked to our five senses, our associations), Linguistic (language we use daily) Programming (how we run things in our mind to produce our behaviors)

I told myself 'I want to learn this now so I can program my own mind to think how I want to think!

Wouldn't you want to learn HOW to communicate to get what you want?

I can truly attest that, every day, I use the techniques that I've learned. And because of them, I've been accomplishing things I thought were only possible for others.   My new way of thinking allows my comfort zone to get bigger and bigger and my behaviors are producing the results I want. It's amazing!

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to change what is not working, and use what is working, even better?  

It could be in the area of health and fitness, career, personal growth and development, relationships, family...

That's why, through NLP and other techniques that I’ve learned, I now educate people on how they can use their language and thoughts to change their behaviors so they can achieve their desired goals

When there’s a golf game on TV, the announcer sometimes says, ‘Darn, he missed another shot, it looks like his head is just not in the game.’ We all know that what and how the golfer is thinking, is just as important as his ability to hit that golf  ball.

Is your head in the game of achieving your goals? Right now! It's a well know fact that mind set is necessary to succeed, regardless of what it is that you want to achieve.

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