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Marthe L. Richard
   NLP Excellence PNL

Personal Success - Professional Growth
Succès Personnel - Croissance Professionnelle

Business Solutions


How would you like to have a dynamic person come into your organisation and help to:

- Improve communication

- Workplace wellness

- Negotiating effectively

- Presenting with purpose

- Increase sales

- Eliminate procrastination

- Teach employees how to self-motivate

- Be effective with goal setting

- Eliminate anxiety

- Thinking positively to stay engaged

….the list goes on!    


The reason why the list goes on is because I tailor my training to your needs.  Give me your wish list, I’ll make it happen!


Here are a few of my credentials:

- Because I have acquired many certifications (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer) in the fields of Neuro-Linguistics, I now educate people so they can attain their goals.  (And ‘yes’ this includes making more money).

- I am not only a business owner, I have a BBA and an MBA. 

- I have always been a top seller.  Whether I was in the President’s club selling Avon when I was 13 yrs. old, or winning awards being tops in Canada in pharmaceutical sales.  When I help your sales people close, they will know I understand them.

- I’ve been Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at our local University.

- I’ve taught many Business and Communication classes at our Community College.

- I am passionate about what I do and I love to contribute solutions. 

Executive Coaching

 I give one on one coaching to people in the corporate world who want to benefit from having useful

 concrete tools to help them be the leader they want to be. 

Contact me today, I look forward to assisting you in making your wish list become reality!

Marthe L. Richard 
n.d. BBA MBA MTLT™ MNLP MHyp. MCoach