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Marthe L. Richard
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Chronic Pain

I got to know chronic pain quite well after being implicated in a car accident many years ago.

Over the years, although  I took many different kinds of medications and saw many therapists whom I appreciated a lot, I still could not get rid of my back pain. I also lived through the emotional roller coaster of losing a job I loved, stressing out because of finances and doubting myself because I just wasn’t the same person I used to be. It came to a point where I was reluctant to leave the house and didn’t really want to see anyone, because I knew I would put on a mask when they would ask me how I was doing.

That was such a different ‘me’, than my ‘happy-go-lucky super-energetic social-butterfly me’ that I used to be (before the accident).

Thankfully, I came across Neuro Linguistic Programming, TimeLine Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy. These tools and techniques have helped me in many ways like no other. Because of them, I took back control of my life. 

Have you ever gotten a headache when you've been stressed or anxious?  Have you ever had knots in your throat when you've been sad?  If you have chronic pain, have you ever noticed how when we laugh at a joke or are relaxed at the beach, the pain isn't as bad? Have you ever noticed how when we're angry/pissed off, or when we feel depressed, scared, hurt or guilt....the pain seems to be able to go sky high?  That's because there's a very real link between pain and negative emotions.

Because I understand and have learned so much about chronic pain, I want to help other people who are suffering.

If you want to reclaim yourself and your power, I’d be happy to help. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


* Most insurance plans cover my coaching services under Naturopathic consultations