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Marthe L. Richard
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Personal Success - Professional Growth
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Why coaching?


So you can learn to think how you want to think

in order to act how you want to act!

How long are you willing to keep settling?  Do you tell yourself? :

‘One day, I really want to …'

You could change now! 

Did you know that keeping everything unsettled takes more energy out of you?

When will you choose to do something about it now?



Here are a few of the reasons why people benefit from coaching:

- Anxiety and stress management

- Chronic pain

- Career development

- Decision making

- Self-esteem issues

- Learning issues

- Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt…

- Fear of not having enough, fear of inadequacy

- Conflict resolution

- Frustrations of not being in control of one’s own future...


Your coach will most likely give you some things to work on between sessions. 

Do not book an appointment until you are ready to do the work. 

Contact us when you are ready for a huge positive change!