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Marthe L. Richard
   NLP Excellence PNL

Personal Success - Professional Growth
Succès Personnel - Croissance Professionnelle

Feedback from a coaching client:

(shared with permission)

''My session gave me exactly what I wanted. I had a great coach and the NLP approach works in miraculous ways. My dreams have come true, finally after all these years.

My coach, Marthe Richard, exceeded my expectations. She is the most patient person I know. Her personality is just the right fit for NLP.

She is very intelligent. She will believe in your success, she is very warm and compassionate. If you are determined, she will work just as hard as you for your success.

I definitely feel empowered! As a social worker, I’ve been continuously reaching out for help in order to be a better person for myself and others.

With the help of NLP and Marthe, I can now be my own leader. I now have many approaches to use whenever I feel stuck. I’m already helping others heal themselves with some of the simple techniques I have been taught.

I have already referred at least 5 people to her since they seem to know what they want and they are very interested to know more about NLP and the potential they can attain by having Marthe as their coach.



Feed back from an Evaluator:

I had the honour to meet and work with Marthe 

in the summer of 2015 during the annual Tad James NLP Trainers’ Training.

Recognition of her knowledge and skills in the field of NLP were easy for all to see with Marthe knocking the ball out of the field in all areas of the final assessments.

The above being fact, it was Marthe’s energy, passion, humour and absolute dedication to achieving results both for herself and her students that truly set her apart.

Marthe, until we meet again . . . enjoy the journey . . . and for those of you who decide to study with

 Marthe . . . I know you will.

Simon Gledhill

International NLP Trainer 

Cape Town, South Africa

Feedback from people who have taken part in training seminars
(shared with permission)

Would you recommend this training to others?

-Absolutely!! It was very useful to learn how to release past negative emotions in a positive way. I will now move forward with more assurance, letting go of excess baggage. (Anne-Renée Landry)

-Absolutely! The exercises were remarkably easy to adapt. You are a very good trainer! I feel more in control of my goals and emotions now, and I have no more anger :) (Anonymous)

-Yes.  The training gave me tools to heal myself. (Anonymous)

-Yes! Yes! Yes! It had a positive impact on the relationship I have with myself. I will now have better and greater outcomes in my everyday life. (Anonymous)

-For sure!!! I will be able to be confident and say yes to upcoming opportunities and, I now know how to make my goals happen. (Chantal Richard)

-Yes, I will be more positive and I will obtain the goals that I set. I like that I now have tools to heal myself. (Anonymous) 

-Absolutely! I loved it all, and your examples really helped me relate.  (Hélène Martin)

-Yes, I liked your passion and energy and appreciated your way of coaching and guiding us, you were very gentile and perceptive. (T. Landry)

Feedback from people who have taken part in training seminars
(shared with permission)

Would you recommend this training to others?

-Definitely! I truly believe that my family will see a transformation in me because I worked on so many details and blockages that I will be ME and Happy! Also, I liked that I could deal with personal issues without having to share with the group and that I could let go of the negative without feeling everything inside.  (Anonymous)

-Yes. I will be able to deal with negative situations in a better and more positive way. (Louise P.)

-Yes, I think it will impact all aspects of my life.  I feel positive that's it's ok to focus on me. (Anonymous)

-Absolument! Je suis capable de faire un différence dans mes pensées et actions. (Anonyme)

-Yes, Yes, Yes! This will significantly improve my career, finances and other opportunities.  (Crystal H.)

-Of Course!  This will change the way I see, think and live.  These tools can be used on a daily basis, anytime, anywhere.  Love it! (Debbie L.)

-Absolutely, this will improve my relationship with myself and everyone else in my life.  Especially my husband and my children.  (Alida Mullin)

-Definitely! It will make me think about everything that comes out of my mouth...I will actually say what I mean and think that way too. (Anne D)

-Yes!  What an eye opener! I liked that I got to spend time on myself. (Anonymous)