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What are the problems you are struggling with?

 Chronic pain, weight issues, career growth, relationships, health challenges, negative self-talk, feeling stuck, fears,…?

 This 2 day Wellness and Success workshop gives you concrete tools for life’s complications so you are empowered to get rid of what you don’t want, 

        and make the things you do want, happen!




If you have ever wanted to let go of negative emotions in a POSITIVE WAY, prepare to rid yourself of all past Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, even learn how to rid yourself of Anxiety!

If you have ever wanted to rid yourself of self-doubts, such as  

 'I'm not good enough', 'I can't....'

you can look forward to eliminating those and others

If you have ever wanted to learn the specific tools successful people use daily, to surmount challenges and make success happen, you will be happy you attended. You will also learn how your mind works.

                  This is THE weekend for YOU if you are looking for a motivating BOOST!

Every participant gets a personal workbook and shares ONLY with this workbook,        

(you share nothing with the group)

You keep your workbook to use the amazing techniques you will have learned, 

on yourself, as needed, in the future.

Benefit from two days of positive transformation!  

Come learn  how to reclaim your personal power!

Seats are limited, contact directly to book (e-mail or phone)



Click on this link and scroll down to see what past participants 

are saying about this workshop, 


Watch this short video to know more about your beliefs; 

How are they formed? Can they be changed?


with NLP



This is for you if you:

-Are in sales

-want to perform at the next level

-Own a business or are with marketing company

-want to motivate yourself and your team

-want to learn how to effectively communicate with anyone

-want to gain confidence

-want to get rid of what is holding you back

-want to instantly be in rapport with anyone

-want to learn what the best kind of motivation is

-want to eliminate procrastination

-want to be able to negotiate with anyone

-want to set goals and achieve them

-want to learn the key 5 steps to successfully close a sale

Take charge of your results!



Practitioner Training      

Imagine learning to control how you think. Imagine, being able to act how you want to act. Imagine being able to feel how you want to feel!  Daily!!! Imagine being truly successful because of these new skills! 

Imagine being able to be your own coach, help yourself and others. 

With the FasTrak™ Practitioner course, you get your books,  binders and audio tracks ahead of time to pre-study the material. Isn't that a huge benefit!

Get ready to encounter powerful techniques and massive positive change.  Learn things such as: how to self-motivate, how to communicate effectively with all types of people, how to re-size your body, how to sleep better, how to eliminate procrastination, how to enhance your performance, how to reduce stress, how to align your conscious mind with your unconscious mind, how to improve your health, how to eliminate personal barriers, how to gain emotional control of your life, how to increase sales, how to get rid of anxiety, how to negotiate with anybody, how to dislike a particular food, .....and so much more.  

You not only learn theoretically, how to do empowering techniques, you get many hours of in-class time practice so when you leave, you are confident in your abilities and you are ready to fly on your own.

At the end of the training, you can chose to have 4 certifications!!!  

- NLP Practitioner

- NLP Coach

- Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™

- Practitioner of Hypnosis

Be empowered to become the best version of yourself.  

Be qualified to help other people become the best version of themselves.

BE-DO-HAVE what you really want!

contact now for the possibility of a payment plan                                         (Space is limited)


              SUCCESS Trainings in your workplace

(Visit the 'Business' tab for additional information)

Whatever your needs are in your workplace, (leading passionately , negotiating effectively, presenting with purpose, wellness and empowerment...) training sessions are tailor made to meet your requirements.  Here are a few common requests:

Powerful Communication, 

obtaining what you want:

The way we communicate, will either be empowering and allow us to have influence in order to obtain what we want, or, can easily turn the other person off if we don’t possess the right skills. These skills are important to anyone who has a clear goal in mind. Anytime we are proposing an idea, a solution, a strategy, a plan….we are selling. Learn to detect how others are interpreting what you are saying and adapt accordingly for win-win situations. 

Realistic tools to achieve everyday wellness:

It has been well documented that not only is absenteeism a problem for employers but also presenteeism (employees are physically at work but their focus is elsewhere resulting in decreased productivity). This certainly has a negative toll on employee morale and productivity since it leaves certain key people ‘holding down the fort’ while they themselves eventually burn out. There might even be a rotten apple in the group that is negatively affecting the rest of the group. In this seminar, the participant will gain answers and perspective on questions such as;

Why do people think how they think? How do we change our focus? How can we change our language and our thoughts to get what we want? How do we deal with stress and anxiety? How can we find happiness in a world which can be so chaotic? Is there a way to motivate myself anytime? How can I think differently to solve this problem? Is there a way to change my state of mind?

Happy, focused employees are ready and able to deliver the service they’ve been hired to provide. Imagine being able to refer back to this training with specific tools when someone is looking for resources. Stress is ever more present with our new normal of doing more with less. Employees who are equipped to manage their stress, their thoughts and their states are better able to manage their workload. With these tools, you can avoid burnout and gain productivity from all your employees.

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